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Le 30 décembre dernier, j’ai eu le plaisir d’immortaliser le mariage de Manon et Alain, à l’avant-veille du jour de l’an. Merci à vous deux pour cette belle et unique opportunité!

(Vous pouvez télécharger la vidéo sur viméo en format MP4.)

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Documentary, Event, Photojournalism, wedding, Work


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Documentary, Event, Photojournalism, wedding, Work


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Documentary, Event, Photojournalism, wedding, Work

MARIAGE/WEDDING: Josée & Charles


Remember that wedding I was talking about in the last post? Here is Josée, a wonderful and such funny, successful woman.

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Then Mom came see Josée. What a touching moment it was. (Je dois avouer que la mère était plus stressée que la fille!)

 Copie (2) de DSC_3170       Copie (2) de DSC_3184 Copie (2) de DSC_3186

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I followed the bride to Vicky’s house, her host for the day but also the woman who took care of everyone’s hair before.

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DSC_3185-tile Copie (2) de DSC_3208 Copie (2) de DSC_3212

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Vicky’s dog was also excited. With around twenty something gals in the house, the atmosphere was so palpable yet serene.

Copie (2) de DSC_3234

What an amazing smile of hers. She looks so graceful, fully prepared, 100% committed.

Copie (2) de DSC_3230

Brother & sister met.


Copie (2) de DSC_3266

Snap some photos of the girls.

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 Copie (2) de DSC_3295       Copie (2) de DSC_3299

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Such an original groom: love the fact that the reds were matching and that he wore such an impressive outift next to her amazing wedding dress.

Copie (2) de DSC_3315 Copie (2) de DSC_3317-horz   Copie de DSC_3323Copie (2) de DSC_3352 

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DSC_3452        DSC_3483 DSC_3524        DSC_3567

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I mean, what’s better than an eco-friendly, homemade and beautiful wedding? (L’idée des sapins à planter ça change tellement. Ça change tellement pour le mieux!)

Copie (2) de DSC_3625      Copie (2) de DSC_3636  Copie (2) de DSC_3659 Copie (2) de DSC_3668

They made this sculptor/table to hold their cupcakes!

Copie (2) de DSC_3688

Photographic business and wonderful ideas were held by few friends/photographers who acted like paparazzi. Indeed, fun. (Michelle, ta gloire de photographe! )

 Copie (2) de DSC_3694       Copie (2) de DSC_3696 Copie (2) de DSC_3704        Copie de DSC_3520

Copie de DSC_3702

Copie de DSC_3707

Loved the warmth and the convenience at former sugar shack Au Pied de la Colline!

Copie de DSC_3607 Copie de DSC_3612        Copie de DSC_3614 Copie de DSC_3667        Copie de DSC_3649

Copie de DSC_3666

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So much romance and laughs at the same time! Thanks it didn’t rain too long.



Sweet moment.

Copie (2) de DSC_3721

Charles playing it cool.

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 DSC_3587      DSC_3585 Copie (2) de DSC_3753 Copie (2) de DSC_3756

DSC_3749        DSC_3739

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Copie de DSC_3754

One of my favourites, because of its environmental link to the newly weds.

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Copie de DSC_3774-horz

 Copie (2) de DSC_3992-horz

Yummy cake! (Oui, du gâteau. Et aussi des cupcakes!)

Copie (2) de DSC_3994 Copie (2) de DSC_3997 Copie (2) de DSC_3998

Charles made each and every cupcake. With a little help from some others, he managed to get through all of these while Josée was the main wedding planner.

 Copie (2) de DSC_4000   Copie (2) de DSC_4047

Then came the first dance. “Kiss from a rose”, by Seal, such a lovely, lovely song.

 Copie (2) de DSC_4081       Copie (2) de DSC_4045

Copie de DSC_4109       Copie de DSC_4122 DSC_4047

DSC_4088      Copie (2) de DSC_4084  Copie (2) de DSC_4128

 DSC_4475-tileDSC_4467-tile DSC_4484-tile DSC_4493-tile DSC_4512DSC_4508

That’s it for now. (Did I mention the cupcakes were amazingly yummy or am I repeating again & again?)

Thanks for sharing such lovely moments with me, again. Bonne chance à vous deux! : )

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What beautiful, beautiful day it was. Last august (the 3rd), I photographed an intimate golf tournament between my father and some of his co-workers/associates here.

DSC_1616  DSC_1590 DSC_1593 DSC_1601

SEPIA_DSC_1765 (7) DSC_1644 DSC_1645 DSC_1647 DSC_1674 DSC_1708 SEPIA_DSC_1765

SEPIA_DSC_1765 (3)

Two weeks later, the man in charge of the tournament (above) contacted me. He referred me as a photographer for his son’s wedding, on the 30rd of august. More to come about it. (To see more of this, visit this.)

DSC_1736 DSC_1742 DSC_1753 DSC_1754

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MARIAGE/WEDDING: Catherine & Laurence

After that teaser, here it is. Finally. My first wedding. From a friend from high school, I was designated the photographer for Catherine & Laurence’s Wedding. What an absolute pleasure it was to follow, share and immortalize those moments with them and their families on the 11th of July. I wish you guys the best for the future and your dreams accomplished. 

DSC_0302   DSC_0301DSC_0309          DSC_0308

Audrey Hepburn was in their kitchen, right above the note they’ve written “We’re getting married”. I loved their apartment!

 DSC_0318 DSC_0320


Barbecue lunch, ready to get dressed.

 DSC_0344 DSC_0345 DSC_0339DSC_0347 DSC_0360 DSC_0375 DSC_0396

DSC_0419 DSC_0436 DSC_0448 DSC_0473 DSC_0482 DSC_0544 

Passing through laughs and cries, they finally managed to get happily married.



A cocktail was offered while it was raining outside.



We after went in Il Tignanello, a great Italian restaurant. (Jean Talon street) I especially liked the service we had.





  DSC_0700  DSC_0719

Cupcakes were amazing!



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COLLABORATION: Exoflora Design

Here is a collage of some flowers photos taken at Laurence & Catherine Wedding, two weeks ago.

CSC_F(1) CSC_F(2)



Folks from Montreal, contact her at

Her work is amazing plus, she’s loving’ what she is doing.


Caught my 1000th visit in only four months of blogging.

Thank you!

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