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Une session dans un sous-bois près de chez Marc-André, ça valait la peine. Beaucoup de couleurs chaudes, de décors verts envahissants sous un bleu d’infini et d’une nature luxuriante qu’on oublie trop souvent.


Picture 124

Picture 140 Picture 138

Picture 167Picture 145 Picture 159    Picture 176

Picture 114Picture 154Picture 164 

Picture 177 Picture 191Picture 178 Picture 186

LE portrait.

 Picture 212 Picture 216

Picture 311

Picture 200

Picture 220  Picture 250   Picture 242   Picture 252

Picture 148Picture 259 Picture 266

Picture 196

Picture 162

Picture 268

Picture 272 Picture 284 Picture 285 Picture 287

Picture 110

Picture 291 Picture 293 Picture 297 Picture 337  Picture 359  Picture 320 

Note: L’ajout de textures photographiques comme le grain a été volontaire. Je voulais par là rapprocher davantage le spectateur avec l’histoire que je met en scène. Aussi, les oppositions entre clair/foncé et orange/bleu créent des harmonies et des contrastes intéressants qui sont utilisés comme métaphore dans un environnement humain, contraire et divergent, où l’homme vit dans ses défauts comme dans ses qualités.

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Documentary, Event, Photojournalism, wedding, Work

MARIAGE/WEDDING: Josée & Charles


Remember that wedding I was talking about in the last post? Here is Josée, a wonderful and such funny, successful woman.

Copie (2) de DSC_3027 Copie (2) de DSC_3059

 Copie de DSC_3042       Copie de DSC_3043 Copie (2) de DSC_3097

Copie (2) de DSC_3117

Copie de DSC_3128


Copie de DSC_3074

Copie de DSC_3129 Copie de DSC_3134        Copie (2) de DSC_3136 DSC_3092 

Copie (2) de DSC_3109

Then Mom came see Josée. What a touching moment it was. (Je dois avouer que la mère était plus stressée que la fille!)

 Copie (2) de DSC_3170       Copie (2) de DSC_3184 Copie (2) de DSC_3186

Copie de DSC_3306        Copie de DSC_3307

I followed the bride to Vicky’s house, her host for the day but also the woman who took care of everyone’s hair before.

Copie (2) de DSC_3206

DSC_3185-tile Copie (2) de DSC_3208 Copie (2) de DSC_3212

Copie de DSC_3174        Copie de DSC_3181

 Copie (2) de DSC_3217-vert

Vicky’s dog was also excited. With around twenty something gals in the house, the atmosphere was so palpable yet serene.

Copie (2) de DSC_3234

What an amazing smile of hers. She looks so graceful, fully prepared, 100% committed.

Copie (2) de DSC_3230

Brother & sister met.


Copie (2) de DSC_3266

Snap some photos of the girls.

Copie de DSC_3301

Copie (2) de DSC_3293        Copie de DSC_3291

 Copie (2) de DSC_3295       Copie (2) de DSC_3299

Copie (2) de DSC_3312

Such an original groom: love the fact that the reds were matching and that he wore such an impressive outift next to her amazing wedding dress.

Copie (2) de DSC_3315 Copie (2) de DSC_3317-horz   Copie de DSC_3323Copie (2) de DSC_3352 

Copie de DSC_3402

Copie de DSC_3339

Copie de DSC_3373

Copie (2) de DSC_3362

Copie de DSC_3374

Copie de DSC_3391

Copie de DSC_3448

Copie de DSC_3382

DSC_3452        DSC_3483 DSC_3524        DSC_3567

Copie de DSC_3478

Copie de DSC_3491        Copie de DSC_3561

Copie (2) de DSC_3623

I mean, what’s better than an eco-friendly, homemade and beautiful wedding? (L’idée des sapins à planter ça change tellement. Ça change tellement pour le mieux!)

Copie (2) de DSC_3625      Copie (2) de DSC_3636  Copie (2) de DSC_3659 Copie (2) de DSC_3668

They made this sculptor/table to hold their cupcakes!

Copie (2) de DSC_3688

Photographic business and wonderful ideas were held by few friends/photographers who acted like paparazzi. Indeed, fun. (Michelle, ta gloire de photographe! )

 Copie (2) de DSC_3694       Copie (2) de DSC_3696 Copie (2) de DSC_3704        Copie de DSC_3520

Copie de DSC_3702

Copie de DSC_3707

Loved the warmth and the convenience at former sugar shack Au Pied de la Colline!

Copie de DSC_3607 Copie de DSC_3612        Copie de DSC_3614 Copie de DSC_3667        Copie de DSC_3649

Copie de DSC_3666

 Copie (2) de DSC_3710-tile


So much romance and laughs at the same time! Thanks it didn’t rain too long.



Sweet moment.

Copie (2) de DSC_3721

Charles playing it cool.

Copie (2) de DSC_3724 Copie (2) de DSC_3750-horz

 DSC_3587      DSC_3585 Copie (2) de DSC_3753 Copie (2) de DSC_3756

DSC_3749        DSC_3739

Copie de DSC_3728-tile

 Copie de DSC_3757       Copie de DSC_3760

Copie de DSC_3754

One of my favourites, because of its environmental link to the newly weds.

Copie (2) de DSC_3765  Copie (2) de DSC_3896

Copie de DSC_3784-tile

Copie de DSC_3774-horz

 Copie (2) de DSC_3992-horz

Yummy cake! (Oui, du gâteau. Et aussi des cupcakes!)

Copie (2) de DSC_3994 Copie (2) de DSC_3997 Copie (2) de DSC_3998

Charles made each and every cupcake. With a little help from some others, he managed to get through all of these while Josée was the main wedding planner.

 Copie (2) de DSC_4000   Copie (2) de DSC_4047

Then came the first dance. “Kiss from a rose”, by Seal, such a lovely, lovely song.

 Copie (2) de DSC_4081       Copie (2) de DSC_4045

Copie de DSC_4109       Copie de DSC_4122 DSC_4047

DSC_4088      Copie (2) de DSC_4084  Copie (2) de DSC_4128

 DSC_4475-tileDSC_4467-tile DSC_4484-tile DSC_4493-tile DSC_4512DSC_4508

That’s it for now. (Did I mention the cupcakes were amazingly yummy or am I repeating again & again?)

Thanks for sharing such lovely moments with me, again. Bonne chance à vous deux! : )

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SESSION/SHOOT: Alexandra & Charles

Alexandra being my first model (but also high school friend and the premium judge of my early photos) last year when I changed equipment, she wanted to have some photos of her and her boyfriend, Charles. Initially, we planned something in Montreal but we’ll maybe keep that for later, when I’ll project something for Alexandra alone. So we ended up in some secret wooded area of mine.

DSC_1019 DSC_1048 DSC_1050DSC_1025 DSC_1068 DSC_1073

On the day of the shooting (the 24th of July), spontaneously, we planned something near my area. We were looking for something romantic, intimate, without being cheesy or too serious. Doesn’t she just look bubbly and adorable on these ones?

DSC_1078 DSC_1083 DSC_1093 DSC_1105 DSC_1108 DSC_1010 DSC_1111 DSC_1119 DSC_1125DSC_1130DSC_1124

My very own favourites.


Passed in front some dangerous animals! (Thanks for noticing it was dead, Charles…)

DSC_1138 DSC_1175 DSC_1207 DSC_1147 DSC_1153 DSC_1202 DSC_1203 DSC_1204 DSC_1225 DSC_1231

Gorgeous shot of Alexandra, dramatizing all her sense of humour. And, oh, how can you look over the classy Charles below?

DSC_1250 DSC_1267

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Several weeks ago, I showed you this.


Finally, I’m showing you the outcome of the photo shoot I had with Seven Sound I had back in April. After chatting a while about the concept and what their style was, the atmosphere they were looking for, I brought them in a wooded area, not far from the train station I know. Textures and black and white photos were suggested and accepted with a lot of enthusiasm from me.



Let’s pretend you’re a model on this one, Nicolas.

ss_04 ss_05

They brought their music instruments too. Heavy things.

ss_06 ss_07 ss_07nb

The first one to show to little individuals shots in front of the two others! And since I wasn’t able to choose between colours and black and white…


Detail shots.

ss_09 ss_09nb

Great job on having that faithful expression we were looking after, Felix.

ss_10  ss_11nb ss_11ss_12 ss_13 ss_14 ss_14nb

Love how the guitar just enhance the significance of the image itself.

ss_15 ss_16 ss_17 

I can just easily imagine that as a cover for Seven Sound.


They are such great friends together. A lot of talks, smiling and of course laughing throughout this session.


Because I wanted industrial shots, I ended up asking them to lay down in some construction pipes.

ss_20thelaughingaction(1) ss_20thelaughingaction(2) ss_20thelaughingaction(3) ss_20thelaughingaction(4) ss_20thelaughingaction(5)

Some LOL action making its way.

 ss_21 ss_21(2)

Serious business afterwards.

ss_22lolss_23 ss_22lol(2) 




 ss_25 ss_26

What a great, happy young men you are, Nic.

ss_27 ss_28

Here are some other interesting photos of the band but maybe just less official than the other ones….




Hope you enjoy that long entry.

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VOYAGE/TRAVEL: Ville de Québec

Began digging through the photo shoot I did with Seven Sound, near a station in Ste-Rose. This must be one of my favourites.


Love the fact that they are friends, they are casual and have a great personality. More to show soon.

Next, a preview from my trip from Old Quebec. What a wonderful city! Didn’t have any problems; people were full of enthusiasm and pass three great days in company of my parents.


Random people walking at sunset.


Some old school houses.


The man who made the design of the National Assembly of Québec.


Horses in street.


François De Laval, at some exhibitions in museums.


This one was funny.


People walking.


Me stalking people.


Inside the National Assembly of Québec.


Bathrooms in some pretty and casual little cafe.

Finally, some photos taken in Montreal with friends. (More in next post.)


I love these kind of details.


Marie-Ève, walking. (Actually, she’s photogenic.)


Walking in random streets in Old Montreal.


Yes, the wall is absolutely beautiful.


Some facebook photo.




Black and white goodies.


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