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Several weeks ago, I showed you this.


Finally, I’m showing you the outcome of the photo shoot I had with Seven Sound I had back in April. After chatting a while about the concept and what their style was, the atmosphere they were looking for, I brought them in a wooded area, not far from the train station I know. Textures and black and white photos were suggested and accepted with a lot of enthusiasm from me.



Let’s pretend you’re a model on this one, Nicolas.

ss_04 ss_05

They brought their music instruments too. Heavy things.

ss_06 ss_07 ss_07nb

The first one to show to little individuals shots in front of the two others! And since I wasn’t able to choose between colours and black and white…


Detail shots.

ss_09 ss_09nb

Great job on having that faithful expression we were looking after, Felix.

ss_10  ss_11nb ss_11ss_12 ss_13 ss_14 ss_14nb

Love how the guitar just enhance the significance of the image itself.

ss_15 ss_16 ss_17 

I can just easily imagine that as a cover for Seven Sound.


They are such great friends together. A lot of talks, smiling and of course laughing throughout this session.


Because I wanted industrial shots, I ended up asking them to lay down in some construction pipes.

ss_20thelaughingaction(1) ss_20thelaughingaction(2) ss_20thelaughingaction(3) ss_20thelaughingaction(4) ss_20thelaughingaction(5)

Some LOL action making its way.

 ss_21 ss_21(2)

Serious business afterwards.

ss_22lolss_23 ss_22lol(2) 




 ss_25 ss_26

What a great, happy young men you are, Nic.

ss_27 ss_28

Here are some other interesting photos of the band but maybe just less official than the other ones….




Hope you enjoy that long entry.

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2 réflexions sur “SESSION/SHOOT: Seven Sound

  1. Wow! Those were really good. I could totally see them in an album, both on the cover and in those inserts that they always give you with CDs now. I loved watching the progression, too.


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